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WARDFIL – Bag Filter Housing

WARDFIL is a stainless steel dirt separator which protects closed-circuit systems from circulating impurities. These impurities, mainly consisting of sand and mud, are retained by a wide filtering bag which reduces the frequency of required cleaning operations. Each filter is designed to accomodate Neodymium magnetic candles ideal for removing ferrous contamination. The valve installed on the top cover can be potentially be used to add chemicals for system cleaning.

Thanks to the wide range of available filtering bags, WARDFIL efficiently removes even the smallest particles with minimum pressure loss.

In closed-circuit applications it is advised to install WARDFIL on a side-stream pipe. This layout ensures non-stop protection to the system and no interruptions of the flow to the end users.



Filter Housing Stainless Steel AISI 304 – AISI 316L
Filter Bag PET
Gaskets EPDM*
Drain/Vent Valve Nickel-plated Brass – AISI 316L
Pressure Gauges Stainless Steel AISI 304 – AISI 316L
Surface fnishing Microshot Peening and Passivation


Design Data
Flow rate Up to 70 m³/h
Design Pressure (bar) PN 10
Max Temperature (°C) 90
Salinity < 10.000 ppm
pH range 3-9
Design Code PED 68/2014/EU

*Certifed to comply to the following European Drinking Water regulations: UBA,
DVGW standard W-270, WRAS and ACS